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Is vitamin C good for rosacea?

Question: I am a Nurse Practitioner in the field of cosmetic surgery. My question is: Can a patient with Rosacea use topical vitamin C products? If it is okay for a patient with rosacea to use Vitamin C, what strength would be recommended?

Answer: Absolutely, vitamin C provides benefit for nearly all skin concerns. Data shows that vitamin C is essential to wound healing and also a potent anti-inflammatory agent. Rosacea is a form of chronic inflammation and using an ingredient that will promote healthy skin function and reduce inflammation will assist in calming some of the common symptoms of rosacea. C-Strength 15% with 5% vitamin E, C-Quench antioxidant serum and A&C synergy serum can be used on rosacea patients; however, each is appropriate for different skin types. Rosacea patients with dry skin should try the C-Quench, as it contains 15% L-ascorbic acid with hyaluronic acid, sodium PCA and squalane to increase hydration. C-Strength 15% is recommended for rosacea patients with normal to oily skin types. Patients with more aggravated rosacea may find the C-Strength too stimulating because it is such a potent vitamin C formula. If this is the case, patients can mix the C-Strength with a calming moisturizer such as ReBalance to reduce stimulation. A&C synergy serum contains a small amount of L-ascorbic acid which contributes to its melanogenesis inhibiting benefits; however, A&C is more appropriate for acne and pigment control, rather than patients seeking the benefits of a potent vitamin C product.

Jennifer Linder, M.D., board certified dermatologist and Chief Scientific Officer for PCA SKIN

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PCA Skin products are generally only available through a physician's office or medical spa.

HA_Editor July 28, 2010

Is C-quench available over the counter@ mass retailers or is it prescription?

Susan Scully,  Lab Manager,  Physician GrpJuly 28, 2010
Allentown, PA


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